THE SIMPLER is now available for purchase online, including Barnes and Noble (the paperback) and Amazon, (pb and e-book), and soon from me—when I receive my shipment toward the end of the month. If you would like an inscribed copy, contact me. Of course, your local book store can place an order, or ask your library to order one. In January, I’ll make copies available locally in Spearfish, Sundance, and Hulett. For now, I’m laying low during the pandemic, but hope to do readings by late summer.

Back cover matter

Writing and publishing three novels in six years (among other events) has tested perseverance and intestinal fortitude, but I found the formatting mechanics strangely calming—for the most part. There were the lost files, the mixed-up files, the initial disorganization and usual frustrations, but practice, practice, practice led me out of the thorny woods, that and my husband Jeff’s patience. Dear friend and artist, Candace Christofferson, worked up the mermaid image, beautifully, at my request. You see, my late father-in-law, John B., once carved from wood an intriguing piece, of a mermaid, and Candace’s model. Those familiar with the series will recognize the significance. Readers of the first novel may note the backbone reference. Meanwhile, I am waiting for the first editorial review to be posted—fingers crossed.

I hope you continue Senga’s journey with me, and if you are inclined, please leave a review. Below is the e-book cover version and information. I remain thankful beyond measure for this work at this time, and especially for you readers. May you and yours stay well and pass a warm Yuletide. Don’t forget to watch for Jupiter and Saturn’s alignment in the south around December 21, a true heavenly event. May Peace, Love, and Joy prevail~

  • Paperback: 301 pages—also available as an e-book 
  • ISBN-10: 1734043725
  • ISBN-13: 978-1734043723
  • Publisher: Braeburn Croft (December 2, 2020)
  • Dimensions: 6 x 0.76 x 9 inches
  • Language: English

Editorial Review for STARWALLOW

The Prairies Book Review has published a 5-star review for the second book in The Riven Country Series. Find it also on Goodreads, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Needless to say, I’m delighted.

“Carrier has outdone herself as she returns with this heartwarming second installment in The Riven Country Series that plunges readers back into the world of her extraordinary characters’ lives.

The pain of losing Emily has not left Senga’s heart, but life has been kind to her otherwise: with a gentle, extraordinary man at her side, a close group of friends, and the quiet country life Senga is content. After getting an unexpected inheritance, Senga decides to see her old grandmother in Italy, but the trip will bring more than she hoped for. Meanwhile, the Berry place outlaws are back in their back-country hideout. An accident that deserves compassion bring them face to face with Senga. But will she be able to offer it?

Carrier efficiently builds an array of worlds, sketching both her present-day characters’ endearing worlds and the old Intriguing world of High Wolf with nuance and delicacy. Carrier’s diverse cast is beautifully rendered, and the connection between her characters is both contemplative and heartening. Senga’s inner turmoil is balanced with the quiet optimism she holds for life in general. Though readers don’t get to spend much time with High Wolf, he with his perception, insight, and compassion leaves a lasting impression.

This sweeping tale is as much a life story as it is a meditation on love, grief, and inspiration. Readers who love the first installment will find this one to be an absolute knockout.

A quiet and hopeful literary tale that marvelously explores the meaning of life, friendship, and family.

A treat for lovers of literary fiction.”

~The Prairies Book Review